About Me

Alexander Tichonow

Hi, welcome to my site!

My name is Alexander, but I prefer to be called Alex. I am {{age}} years old and graduated {{study}} years ago with a degree in mathematics. As a mathematician, I have a natural interest in abstraction and structure. Since the end of my studies, I have been living out these interests as a software developer.

Besides my job, I invest a lot in my own software projects. I like to try out new technologies and concepts. I report about the results, experiences and mistakes in my blog.

In my blog, I document the process from idea to implementation to monetization of my software projects. You will find reports about decisions, experiences and mistakes I made during the development of my web services. Here you can learn more about the background of my blog.

Writing the articles helps me to process the topics better and to structure them mentally. Besides, I am happy about everyone who benefits from my articles.

Besides software development, I am interested in topics that affect the quality of life. These include psychology, fitness, and finance.

Do you have a personal concern or topic you’d like to discuss with me? Write me an email.

Best regards