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As a software developer with 11 years of experience, I offer customized business software solutions that make your business more efficient, transparent and successful.

Your employees also have access to the data in the field and can create new entries. This way, you have access to information in real time and can see exactly what is happening in your company right now.

Make sure that your growth is not slowed down by slow
slow information channels.

Client projects

Management interface of a water supplier

Complexity 3 of 5

The Zweckverband Wasserwerk Wacken has developed internal tools for the documentation obligations of a water supplier. These tools are also to be made available to external authorities and other employees as part of a modernization and expansion.
By refactoring the tools, both the employees of the special-purpose association and the employees of the authorities can complete their tasks without distracting other colleagues.

The challenge was to transfer the PHP code that had grown over the years into a framework and at the same time modernize the user interface. It should also be possible to export the tables and diagrams as PDFs.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Tools & Frameworks Yii2, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript Widgets, CSS, Docker

Industry Symbol

Water supply

A complete price comparison platform

Complexity 5 of 5

The task was to create a complete price comparison platform for medical technology. In a small team we were responsible for the complete implementation of the project. Starting with the selection of the tools used, through hosting solutions, to administration and SEO.

What was special about this project was that we were given the entire responsibility and selection of the tools.

We decided to work with programming languages that the team was already familiar with. We also relied on existing open source solutions wherever possible, rather than reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Tools & Frameworks OSClass, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Docker, Google Analytics

Industry Symbol

Medical technology, online price comparison

Email marketing automation

Complexity 4 of 5

The online store operator has a well-developed marketing workflow. For email marketing, the operator has not found any tools that meet its requirements. Therefore, the operator decided for an in-house development.

My task was to get the development up and running as a lead developer in a small Scrum team.

The main difficulty in this project was to manage the high volume of e-mails without the program or the evaluations getting bogged down.

In addition, the administration had to be graphically operable with drag and drop, as has become common with modern automation software.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Tools & Frameworks Laravel, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, Docker, Amazon SES, Jira, SCRUM

Industry Symbol

E-commerce, food supplements

Internal voucher management

Complexity 2 of 5

The operator of three furniture stores issues vouchers that can be redeemed in all three stores. Due to the locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track how much of the voucher value has already been redeemed and how much of the voucher value is still left.

The customer asked me to develop a web-based solution for managing the vouchers that would transparently display for all locations how much voucher value was still available. After the successful implementation of the voucher management, the CEO was able to see for each voucher at which location which amount was redeemed by which employee.

In this project, special attention was paid to transaction processing. After all, neither the voucher holder should lose his money, nor should the furniture retailer be defrauded.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Tools & Frameworks Yii, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS

Industry Symbol

Retail, Furniture